Frost covered grass, mist mysteriously moving above the lake, round moon is still up in the sky behind me and in front of me the sun rising. My heart is filled with gratitude, overwhelmed with love. Morning prayer time… Suddenly I turn my head to the left and see my shadow. It seemed to have a life on its own. It seemed to be separated from me. The very first time in my life I get to have such a feeling. Ahh, that’s you, my shadow….I am the light and you are the shadow. You always follow me everywhere, but yet you will always be behind me. You can never overcome the divine light that is within me. We can coexist. You can teach me about the darkness, there is wisdom in it. I will take what I need without diving deep into you, my shadow. I will keep looking forward, always knowing that you are behind. We can coexist. Harmony, creation, power to the light, but remember the shadow. A raven screams above me and flies towards the sun, throwing its shadow onto the Earth.