In your purple dream
I might appear
Riding the wave of lavender sea
In the blue dream I disapear
Transforming the shape of reality
Like the sun
I rise in the east
Catching the glimpse 
Of the sparkling mist
Winds of change
And winds of freedom
Can you see them, can you see them?
Flying like lotus
Sharpening focus
Dreams are reality
Covered in mist
Drop by drop
I get a full cup
In the moonlight 
I'm sunkissed 

I sing reality into existence
With persistence and no resistance
Tame my mind
No ego no pride
Leave all the worries
Far behind
Cuz everytime I feel shitty
I know it's a pity
Feel bad for yourself
Dust on the shelf
I think of the people
Out there in the world
Having way worse than I ever have knowed
Too blessed to be stressed
From the west you're the best
You're the angel of light deep inside
the events in your mind
and ignite
take a flight